Formulation & Ingredients

Research & Development
A professional Research and Development staff is available to help you create formulations tailored to meet your individual needs, utilizing the following:

  • Pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  • Use of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) found under the FDA’s Title 21 Code of Regulations to ensure the highest quality products available
  • Individualized, exclusive and innovative product development
  • Duplication of marketplace products for customization
  • Continuous research and analysis of the latest trends & developments in health and beauty

Specialty Ingredients

  • Continuous source of premium raw materials with clinical studies to support your product claims
  • Aloe Vera specialists
  • Authority on natural botanical extracts, created in-house to ensure quality and purity
  • Full range of antioxidant vitamins, natural oils, essential oils and fragrances to allow the creation of your own unique brand

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