Q. Can you take a product I am currently making elsewhere and reproduce it?

A. The formulation chemists at Cosmetic Laboratories are very skilled at reverse engineering products; with just a sample and an ingredient deck, we can match any product or even improve upon it if you so choose.

Q: What’s the minimum quantity of a product that I can order?

A: Cosmetic Laboratories will fill as few as 2,500 units of a product. In circumstances where higher quantities of packaging are required, Cosmetic Laboratories will still fill as few as 2,500 units and the extra packaging can be stored for future fills.

Q: Do you offer volume discounts?

A: Yes. We offer price per unit discounts at quantities of 5,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000 and 250,000 units.

Q: Do you manufacture color cosmetic products?

A: Cosmetic Labs specializes in skin care, hair care and body care. Unfortunately, we do not manufacture color cosmetics.

Q: How long does it take to receive my initial custom formulated samples?

A: It can vary depending on demand but it typically takes 21 business days.

Q: How long is the process, starting with R&D and ending with final product?

A: The process can vary depending on the number of products, amount of time needed for R&D and/or lead time of specialty materials/packaging. However, for one or two products with easy formulation and stock packaging, you can expect to have finished product within 4-5 months. Lead times for normal re-orders would be approximately 10-12 weeks.

Q: Are my products covered by insurance?

A: All products and customers of Cosmetic Laboratories are covered under a $2 million broad form liability insurance policy at no additional cost to you. A copy of your certificate can be submitted to you at your request after your first order.

Q: Do you manufacture OTC products?

A: Cosmetic Laboratories decided to discontinue manufacturing OTC products including sunscreens & analgesics, and therefore no longer retains the license to do so.

Q:  How long should my finished product last?

A:  Products sold by Cosmetic Laboratories are guaranteed for one year from the time of manufacture.  However, many products will last well beyond that timeframe, even 2 to 3 years or more.

Q: Are the formulas that you produce for me protected?

A: All formulas produced by Cosmetic Laboratories are custom and exclusive for each customer. We do not duplicate exact formulas for other clients.

Q: Do you have fulfillment capabilities?

A: While Cosmetic Labs will work with you to ensure your packing and shipping needs are met, customers with specialized or detailed requests would most likely require the services of a fulfillment center. We can provide references upon request.

Q: Does my turn key price include everything, or are there any hidden fees?

A: Turn key pricing per completed unit usually includes manufacture and fill of the product, container, and decoration. Additional fees may include art charges (graphic design, logo, art plate charges), requests for special labor (shrink wrapping, packing in smaller unit quantities, etc.) and shipping charges once your order is complete. However, any additional costs are minimal and will be explained to you at the time of order.

Q: Can you manufacture organic products?

A: Our R&D department has experience creating organic formulations according to the current national, international, or store-specific requirements for products to be labeled “Made with Organic Ingredients” to “Organic.” Our Regulatory department can assist you with the label requirements for your specific formula. However, Cosmetic Laboratories does not currently hold an organic manufacturer’s certification.

Q: I’d like to market my products overseas. Can you help me?

A: Our regulatory department is a valuable source of information in regard to fulfilling all foreign legal requirements necessary for exporting your product.

Q: How do I go about getting a UPC bar code on my products?

A: To obtain a barcode prefix, you must register your company with the Uniform Barcode Council (937) 435-3870 www.uc-council.org. After you have received your barcode information,