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Update on the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010

It’s vital to be aware of the enormous impact this legislation could have on your business and the entire cosmetics industry. Be aware, and let your representatives in Congress know how you feel!
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European Safety Committee says Parabens are Safe…Again

The EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety has once again confirmed the safety of parabens as they are used in cosmetics.
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Green Labeling: Take a Look at the FTC’s Green Guides for Cosmetic Labels

The FTC has updated their Green Guides to assist you in green labeling for natural or organic cosmetics.
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Take Action! Active Ingredients that Matter

Read about the latest innovations in active ingredients and learn about their importance for your beauty products.
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Product Development: How a Raw Material Becomes a Cosmetic

Learn how cosmetic ingredient manufacturers determine the safety and efficacy of the raw materials used in your products.
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The Good Brand Spokesperson

Robert Passikoff on connecting emotionally with consumers.
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Eco-friendly, Brazilian Culture and Emotional Experience Among Top Trends in Consumers’ Purchasing Habits

Fragrance and flavor supplier Arylessence has released a report that outlines the nine deep trends that define US consumer attitudes and predict future buying behaviors.
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ORAC: What is Total ORACsc and why do all 5 free radicals matter?

Learn how Brunswick Labs can determine the ability of your high antioxidant products to fight against the signs of skin damage due to aging, sun, and pollution.
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7 Reasons There aren’t More Preservative-Free Cosmetics

The problems with preservative-free products and products with natural preservatives that aren’t effective.
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The Truth About Preservatives Including Grapefruit Seed Extract and Parabens

Not all the hype, good or bad, is the whole truth when it comes to preservatives in cosmetics.
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